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All kinds of crap!

I'm back from delivering sailboats from Hawaii to the west coast for awhile. Next up is one to Tahiti from Hawaii and then from there back to Hawaii. Busy year, put 7k miles under the keel in the past 12 months.
 While at sea, I do not have internet, but via a SSB/Ham radio and a sat phone, I am able to recieve weather maps and e-mail plus update the blog at sailblogs.com. Imagine if you will, being cut off from all news and events for about 30 days, pretty freaky when you hit land and have access to all the news outlets and blogs! Two really BS news items that have me to the point of going bat s**t is this one, click on the link...
As if we don't have enough of the .gov type breathing down our necks! Most importantly is check out all the twits that are part of this, c'on now! Defense dept., DHS,FCC WTF! is going on here?
Then, good old let's kill jobs and cash flow and nail on-line retailers. Is this state that stupid? Are all the PTB in the single digit range? or do they just want to make kissy face with unions and any other loud mouth group that comes along? Let's see how many more businesses they can drive from a once great state. If it weren't for the weather, I think most would be gone by now and just leave all the deadbeats and elites to further drive Cali into a 3rd world country/state. If you can, bail out, if not then hunker down and keep a low profile and do what you must to live. Me, 3 or 4 more deliveries,and I'm cutting the dock line and heading south. I'll be back to pitch in after all the high profile targets are gone so we can get down to some serious business of getting our country and stae back. Maybe a few years for the sheep to trash their blinders, but it will happen.
Next stop, the South Pacific.
P.S. Tom.......call me

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Craig Cavanaugh said...
July 13, 2011 at 4:44 PM  

Beautiful pic. I sure do miss sights like that...

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