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My First Silver Bar


On my blog "Prepare To Survive In California" I try to prove that I practice what I preach when it comes to preparing for the worst.  To further illustrate my point, I want to show everyone my first Silver Bar to hedge against the falling dollar.  Many Survival and Preppers sites talk about buying gold and silver to hedge their retirement accounts and so that they have physical assets to use in case the Dollars completely looses it face value.

I have chosen to invest in silver bars because I know NOTHING about coins, rounds, proofs, silver content of coins, and everything else which is involved in coinage.  I know that silver bars are minted by mints and state the .999 silver content somewhere on the bar.  I have also stayed away from the "mills" .999 silver...which is nothing more than a piece of alloy covered in a LAYER of silver.

Anyway, the Silver / Gold ratio is falling which means that silver is getting more expensive.  I was going to buy in when it was $4.00, $10.00, and $14.00 an ounce, but never really got my motor in gear to actually do it.  Now, I have.

I check the SPOT price of silver everyday, got to EBay (and other sites), do some comparative shopping, and then place my order.  The key words I use are "1 Troy Ounce Silver", "Silver Bars", ".999 Silver" and others.  Do your own research and begin preparing for the inevitable collapse of the Dollar.

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Mike said...
December 11, 2010 at 9:12 PM  

Yes silver is a great hedge against the instability against fiat money. Another good way to get into silver, without any makers premium and the ability to buy with even a tight budget, is junk silver. I recently did a hub about it if you're interested. junk silver coins.
Great blog by the way, subscribed!

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