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Give Away at Patriot Against the NWO!

Once again, the crew at Patriots Against the NWO are having a give-a-way.


 This post is my 500th and with itI'm doing a give away!

I can't believe that it's already 500. I do try to post everyday and on a few days I post two times. It's been fun so far and I plan to keep on posting the truth and any info I can. The collapse is near and our time is short. For the few that prep and ready themselves to survive, you are the reason I blog. Not because I have all the info or I know more than you, but I blog because I like to share info and learn more than I have ever have shared. And then there are the few who do not prep or store that I try to reach out to and get them started into prepping. The supplies we store now will be the base we stand on to survive down the road when the collapse hits. So if you prep keep it up and if you don't you need to start now!!!

Now on to the Giveaway!
What's in the giveaway:
1or2 Person Survival Blanket from Adventure Medical Kits
Emergency Blanket 84"X52"
Plastic Match Box
Four Pack Colman Waterproof Matches
Husky Heavy-Duty 12 LED Aluminum Flashlight

There are Three ways to win this giveaway.
1st Is to e-mail me at    and put into the subject 500th Post Giveaway.
2nd Is to post about this on your blog and set up a link to my giveaway and e-mail me and put into the subject 500th Post Blog Link
3rd is to become a follower to my blog just e-mail me and put into the subject 500th Post New Follower

Your name goes into the hat once with #1 and your name goes into the hat two times with #2 and three times with #3
Good luck and thank you for reading my blog.
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