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Is anyone safe anymore?

I just got home yesterday from delivering a boat from Hawaii to California, or rather trying to as the motor blew up and the whole electical system died about 600 mile north of Oahu, forcing me to turn around. Let's see, 600 mile or so to Oahu or 2,000 miles to the California coast? Duh! No brainer there! Did have to get towed into the harbor and the slip but have a good mech working on it and when fixed will bring her home this coming spring. Now for the bad news. While catching up on what has been happening during the 2 weeks at sea, I found this appalling story,
Seems no one is going to safe that disagrees with the current fools on the hill. Read it and weep.
Makes me wish I could just........
Loco Gato   ;(

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Catman said...
October 8, 2010 at 7:36 PM  

No one is safe, my friend. No. One.

Its coming, just like Johnny Cash used to sing in Folsom Prison Blues, its just up around the bend.

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