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I'm back! well sorta...

After 2 months of trying to deliver a 60' sailboat to Morro Bay from Hawaii, the a couple of weeks delivering another one up the Oregon coast, a non stop hunny-do list and now getting ready to head back to Hawaii to re-deliver the 1st boat now all the repairs have be made. Man no wonder I'm tired!
The blog for the trip(s) is at www.sailblogs/member/goforbroke49. So why am I posting this on a Preppers blog? Well all my preps and outfitting a BOV are centered around the ocean. Plus a few have wondered about bugging out in a boat when the shtf, Being at sea I will not be able to post here but with the sail blog I can by using a marine band Sbb radio/ham unit. What I have planned for the daily sailing blog is to add a " Prepper Sailing Tip of the Day" after each entry. This way I can show what it takes to get a boat ready for bugging out, provisioning, repair tools and supplies to have on board, medical supplies and a host of other details. Hopefully this will help out those that are thinking of using a boat to bail out. Those of you are thinking along these lines, let me say this, get as much sea time as you possibly can now before you take the leap. Go to sailblogs,com and read of others making the journey or outfitting a boat. Learn as much as you can. The ocean has been my way of life since 1971 and I hold all kinds on tickets and endorsements and have many 1,000's of miles  and years of sea time, One year, when I owned a commercial boat, I logged 359 days of sea time! Working hard to pay off the boat I has financed through Starkist. As times are getting weirder by the moment heading out does has some appeal. But be prepared. If I can cross post this month or so I will otherwise head over and check out the blog. There are entries of the failed crossing and a photo gallery to check out. Till then,
Be safe, be free

Loco Gato

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Anonymous said...
August 25, 2010 at 6:48 AM  

Link to your sailblog?
The idea of just sailing away is looking better and better.

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