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Cross Post: The One Bucket Per Month Challenge


We started a contest yesterday over at my regular site.  We're giving away a one ounce silver bullion coin for the best solution to this problem:  How much and what types of food can you fit into a 6-gallon bucket to feed one person for 1 month?


Get that gray matter working!  Stop by, read the guidelines, and post a solution.  The contest runs until Sunday, 8/15.

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Anonymous said...
August 20, 2010 at 9:09 AM  

This is one of the best preps you can do. You can bury a 5 gallon bucket in your yard or in a field or woods and when you need it this can save your life. A short rope will allow you to carry the bucket over your shoulder along with your BOB. The bucket itself has a 101 uses and a months supply of food is nothing to sneeze at. I have done this for about $25 per bucket including the cost of the bucket. Seal it with a good house caulk and bury it a foot below ground and it will last for 20-30 years or so. This idea/plan is head and shoulders above all the other "prepping" ideas I have seen so far. Think big! 12 buckets will cost about $300 and keep you alive and active for a year.

Anonymous said...
August 21, 2010 at 8:40 AM  

I recently added a pot to my one month bucket. I went to goodwill and found a cheap light old 3 1/2 quart aluminum pot W/lid. I put it in the bottom of the bucket and place the ziplock bags of rice around it. It takes up almost no extra room but assures me that I have something to cook in. So I don't want or need a pot in every bucket and that got me thinking about what things I could put in the various buckets in addition to food. Maybe bucket #2 could have a spare 1st need filter. Bucket #3 could have a Lexan water bottle (full of rice of course). Any ideas. Try to keep it small so that no food is bumped from the contents. Even a bulky item that allows for food packages to be stuffed around it might work.

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