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At least put some boots by your bed


The Sun is the "quietest" it has been in many, many years. The last time Earth experienced so little sun spot activity, hundreds of thousands died from cold and lack of food because it snowed during the summer. The Yellowstone Caldera, a super volcano, is 40,000 years overdue to blow. When it does, it will spread ash across the entire US and block sunlight for years. There is an undersea volcano off Africa that is in danger of collapse. That could cause a tidal wave that would take out the entire east coast of the US. ...And then there is the ambitions of our governments "new friends" in Venezuela and Iran, and Al Qaeda and N. Korea. An Electro Magnetic Pulste attack will surely make us all take notice that being "friendly" and acting weak is no solution to bad behavior by evil people. ...

Have you put any food or water away for at least 3 months?

Does your loved ones know what to do if you cant make it home for a few days?

Do you have batteries for the kids flashlights?

Do you know what foods your family will eat or not eat during an emergency situation?

Does you family know how to turn off the gas to the house?

Do you have water, a hose, a water pump, and nozzle if you need to put out a fire in or around your house?

Do you have a pair of boots or shoes next to the bed (and a flashlight) if there is another earthquake at night? (You dont want to be stepping on broken glass and mirrors with you bare feet)

What else do you need to do to help take of your family while you are waiting for FEMA to show up?
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