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Many years ago - when I was 15 years old - I shot my first gun.  It was some sort of a .22 caliber rifle.  One of my uncles had a piece of land up in Redding, California, and he just handed me the gun and a box of shells.  His only safety instructions were, "Don't shoot towards the house."

As a pistol instructor, that now makes me shudder!  But I had a pretty good head on my shoulders and I guess he recognized that I wouldn't do anything too stupid.

This past weekend, I finally took my first rifle instruction.  I own a number of rifles and shoot them occasionally, but my skills were nowhere near where I wanted them.  Much past 100 yards, and it was a crap-shoot if I was going to hit anything!

I took the non-profit Appleseed Project two-day course that was held at the Sacramento Valley Shooting Center.  Now, Appleseed is much more than just shooting skills.  In between shooting drills and instruction, you are given a heavy dose of American Revolutionary War history.

I was very impressed with both the shooting instruction and the history lesson.

I've written a more detailed piece on my Appleseed experience over here.  Let me just say that I have a new feeling of hope for our state and country after attending this course.  And you absolutely MUST see the picture of the "star" Rifleman.  Perhaps I should say, "Rifle-girl".

One thing was discussed at the course that really struck home with me:  After a very rocky start here in gun-paranoid California, Appleseed has grown.  Within 5 years, at current growth rates, the number of Californians estimated to go through the course will be 1 million students.

If you're under 21, active duty military or female, you can take the course for free.  You've got no excuses!

Get out there and become one of the Million California Appleseeders!

Chief Instructor can be followed at Accept The Challenge.

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