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Hiding places for your stuff

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I want people to store food not only for their sake, but for mine as well. I don’t want to decide which of my kids have to go hungry when you and your unprepared kin come knocking on my door. Contrary to progressive-collectivist thinking, every individual who takes care of themselves and their families benefits society by not becoming a burden. So take responsibility now and start today. Don’t expect the Feds to come by to hand you your ration of government-issued cheese. You could be in for a long wait. Wait too long and you may end up with a green-stained mouth from eating grass, like the poor Irish during the potato famine in the mid 1800’s. Or seriously reevaluate your aversion to cannibalism. Compared to those desperate methods, dumpster diving comes off as luxury cuisine.

So... anyway, you are storing up some food and supplies...where are you going to store it?  I wrote on this topic...Hide your stuff or loose it.... and Where are you going to hide your stuff...

here is another follow up... in pictures.....

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Anonymous said...
May 18, 2010 at 11:06 AM  

If your house has stairs you may find unused space behind some drywall. Also, walk through your house looking at the walls for "void" space. Some space is walled off to fit the design of the home. Sometimes around the bathtub/shower or closets. Older house have eaves which can sometimes be accessed from closets. Built-ins, window seats, etc. often conceal wasted spaces. I hid my guns from my children in a false built up "stoop" that my hot water heater sat on. Another time a large return air duct provided a place to put valuables.

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