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Where were the Tea Parties?

Well, if you read Fox News.Com, the most fair and balanced new reporting agency, you would never know. CNN had a splash about them as did the Sacramento Bee but Fox, could not find anything anywhere. So did you attend one yesterday the 15th? How was it if it was your 1st would you go again? Also do you think it is a good place to find like minded preppers or does it violate the meaning of Opsec? Just curious.

On another front, my B.O.B is just about ready and that stands for bug out boat! Hopefully I'll have an article ready regarding bugging out by boat in the next few days.

Till then,
Be safe, Be free
Loco Gato

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Anonymous said...
April 16, 2010 at 9:46 PM  

I attended the tea party protest in Grand Island Nebraska. Grand Island is a community of about 40,000. I had a sign that said “Balance the Budget”. A car full of people slowed down next to me and they called me a racist. I brought my sign down to eye level to check and make sure someone had not changed it on me when I was not looking. Nope it still said ”Balance the Budget” Gee I guess wanting the government to live within it’s means makes me a racist. I wonder what that makes the folks who drove by holding the Mexican flag out of the car window and shouting the f word with a raised middle finger.

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