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The Perfect Crime:

Read and I mean read this! Print it out if it is easier for you, but you may need to have hankerchief or something close by.


The Perfect Crime: Murder in the First Degree

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by John Galt
April 20, 2010

I am a witness to murder. The body is still writhing on the floor, the blood cooling beneath my feet as I watch the victim twitching, almost violently, as the dying heartbeats of this soul attempt to fight for life, yet I am paralyzed, frozen by the horror of what I am seeing. I know that deep down in my heart, if I had realized what was happening to this dear, dear friend, I could have saved her. The life would have, could have and should have been extended. The lady was beautiful, her long flowing locks of hair, her free spirit, her age defying all conventional belief that she truly was young although her recent bouts have made her look older and frail. The nasty disease or poison has taken its toll on this beautiful woman, a person I have fallen deeply in love with, someone with whom I thought I would spend the rest of my life with. Sadly, I realize that now, in this era of rampant validation of crime as a good thing, I have a new responsibility, someone new to raise and uphold to take care of and must look myself in the mirror to realize that this fine lady’s siblings are now my responsibility, as of now I have failed their Mother.
Yet there is a force of evil, something beyond my control, or so I thought,  which has killed her. The cold blue aura surrounding her cries out for rescue yet I know that no matter my training as someone to that could help, I can not cure her illness alone. Thus the conundrum. Who do I call? Who do I cry out to? I will be praying, I will be shamed, I will be heart broken for many years to come as I could have saved her but I did not due to my inaction in the past. This friend, this soul mate, this beautiful gift from God deserved better, yet I failed her in ever way. Someone has killed her, or infected her, leaving her helpless no matter the cries of those who love her and attempts to save her. If my guts are correct, which they usually are, she was murdered. The first suspects will always be those that loved her most, those that were closest to her. I know that I can and should be cleared of this heinous death, yet I fear that in reality I should be accused and probably convicted for not protecting her more, a love that I shall have great difficulty in replacing in my life time.
Forgive me my Lord, for I have sinned with omission, with ignorance, without hearing her pleas. I took her for granted as a friend. I failed to protect her as I would my wife, my family, my other friends. She was always around, laughing, bringing a smile and sunshine to every party, every event. She saluted with me at football games, cried with me as our soldiers came home in caskets, and helped me understand why I was different from everyone else as the world seemed to go insane. I loved her as I love my wife and never even realized it, and for letting her pass I am guilty of this crime in my mind and in my heart.
Her dying words shall haunt me, yet give me hope as her melodic voice fades into the noise of the day:
“Be scared not of my death, but cry for the shame of allowing this gift from God, a Republic of man made in the spirit of freedom falling into the dustbin of history. My life as Lady Liberty may be over in this era, but the world shall not perish and that is the hope you must build upon. The world knows of our power, our glory, our ability to do good and expand the ideals of my soul. The citizen’s future might be that of trepidation and horror, but fear not as you march forward with the siblings of my soul who shall inspire those to rebuild this nation to a former greatness cast in the spirit of my heart.”
I beg all of you for forgiveness. I could have done more many years ago to stop this attack on her from killing her in my younger days. It is time to pray her daughters raised under our wing shall blossom into a stronger soul than her and save our country from eternal damnation. For I swear never to take her for granted ever again, to neglect her daughter’s pleas for help, to ignore their cries for strength, guidance,  and assistance and to do all that I can to protect and enhance their souls as much as I can.  Never again, shall be my creed, nevermore, nevermore, shall her children be in want. I shall be the first to take responsibility for bringing those daughters to maturity named Freedom and Liberty. They shall never leave my oversight ever again in my lifetime.
Let me die rather than fail her again.

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