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Fire Safety


Post from Readymom on our forum

I was putting away some prep items, and have two sets of battery operated Fire Alarms . Made me think I haven't seen a specific thread on that topic, here yet. So I thought I'd start one!

A lot of newer homes have the smoke alarms, etc. tied into their electricity with a battery back up. BUT ... it doesn't hurt to have additional back ups 'just in case'. They are usually inexpensive enough to get, and sometimes, when you go to emergency fairs (which some communities have now) you can get a pack of two for free (check with your community to see if they can start such a program, if they have not already ;) ).

This is what I have:


* Easy to install, no wiring needed
* 85 db alarm
* 3 year limited warranty
* AS Approved

Perfect for small units and apartments - good at detecting fast flaming fires.

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