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So much for freedom of the Internet

Go here to read this about control of the Net. I have mentioned this before and I'll do it again, there is a time in the not-so-far future where we will need to access information from sources other that .gov. A source that is free from Big Brother looking over our shoulder or even sitting right next to us! Watching and directing our every move and thoughts. Pre-internet I ran a BBS for years called the Night Hawk. Though it was geared towards an on-line gane called Trade Wars, I had assorted "rooms" for other topics of discussion. I will be re-starting a bbs system that will work with or without the net, and yes, that means dial-up. The one difference this time is the membership will be by invite only or direct application. With direct application, that means I and I alone will take on the task of validating each user that is allowed access. I have done this successfully for years with closed e-mails for various groups that I belong to and have started. Land use list for off-roaders and for independent mobile tool distributors. Just those, no wacko groups or anything like that1 :=) Another function is or rather challenge, is to link it for Ham usage. While accessing the net and e-mail works with ham/ssb at sea by using various services and programs, is common everyday stuff, tying into a secure site will be fun! What is not fun is reading almost daily reports from our fearless( for now)leader(s). I feel the time is coming close to .gov taking total control of the Net and I like my freedom of information and the ability to find out the truth. Plus the important aspect of staying in communication with other folks from around the country. This way we can share info as to what the heck is going on with each other.
Stay tuned.

Staying Alive said...
March 13, 2010 at 8:02 AM  

It will be a sad day when the Internet is gone. But it has to go I reckon. Something has to piss off the 3% who will be of a mind to do something when the dictator strikes. I be watching for him.


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