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Emergency Preps For Business


I own a small business.  As I noted in my first introductory post on this site, my background includes emergency preparedness and business continuity for small- to medium-sized banks.

Even from a small bank perspective, the depth and breadth of preparations is way over-blown for a business my current size.  But I still have a business continuity plan.  If I were to lose my business records and certain business assets, I'd be out of business, plain and simple.

THAT is not an option!

I was looking for some information on post-emergency communications, and happened upon a guide that I think will help others.  It is by the Institute for Business and Home Safety called, "Open For Business" (PDF).

I think why I like it so much is that it follows my philosophy of not preparing for particular emergencies, but planning for the impacts of those emergencies

The impacts for a business are somewhat different than for an individual or a family, but they are clearly very similar.  Both are concerned with the preservation of life, the preservation of records and assets, and the ability to re-start with as little hassle once the emergency has passed.

If you have a business, don't neglect developing an emergency/business continuity plan.  Aside from a little time and effort, they can be put together with relatively little cost.

Also remember that, while having business insurance is important, it is only one part of your business continuity plan.  Your ability to be back in business as quickly as possible is extremely important.  Don't let a competitor steal your customers while you are occupied with re-starting your business from scratch.

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