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Winter gardens

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us and Christmas and the new year looms ahead, have you or are planting a winter garden? Or preparing the old one for this spring or planning on a new one? We here in California, are able to enjoy longer growing seasons,( well maybe not all of us), and on the coastal sections of the state, damn near 12 months a year. Where I am the temps to hit below freezing once in awhile so the past 2 days was spent building cold frames. I found some free windows on Craig's List along with some old fence boards and away I went! Got two built, 6'x 3' and 2' deep. Planted some white onions, broccoli, butter crunch lettuce, Black Simpson lettuce and finger carrots. So we'll see how the cold frames work as an actual green house is way too much money to build. I also try to stock up on heirloom seeds but I plant anything that is on sale at the various stores around town. Hybrids I do plant but keep the others stored for when the shtf. There are many out there that sell heirloom seeds and survival seeds, many have been around for awhile but here is a new on for ya, http://hometownseeds.com/

I checked it out and even though they are new, have a nice selection to chose from. Maybe as they grow they'll add more. I have tried any of their stuff yet but I'll give them a shot. In these times, starting out new is hard and you have to give the credit for trying.

Still working on a post about bob's ( bug out boats)and it is taking a tad longer than I thought. I'm trying to keep it simple,(hi mayberry!), so it's been revised an zillon times now. Hopefully next week.

Loco Gato
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