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Stuff and more stuff!
Stuff number 1.

Earthquakes and the stuff you need to have.

No I am not going to supply you with a list as it has been pounded into you since birth,( for those natives) and you newcomers, since you got here! This here state is quake country and try as we might, we cannot ignore that fact. So get you stuff together! This subject came up the other day while I was loading the truck with horse manure. Guy asks why I wanted it all and I told him for the garden and then blah blah we got around to prepping. He ask why prep. So I asked him if a good size quake hit and knocked out water, power, gas, phones for 3 weeks could he survive with what he has on hand. The short answer was no, only about 2 days! You need/should have at least for a months worth of stores to keep you and yours comfortable for at least that long. Remember, the stores only have a 2 or 3 day supply at the most and in an emergency, that will go fast! Remember what happen to some town down south a few years back? Katrina anyone? So when you head out to the stores, just grab an extra can or 3, one more case of water, pasta and so on.

More stuff

Communicating in a post disaster.

Be sure you have at least a wind-up/solar radio! Then you can hear whats happening around you since the power and cell phone will be out. Have one "old fashion" phone that plugs into the phone jack, remember those? as they do not require power like your cordless sets do to function. Find you local Ham Operators and their club! This way you will have access to the stations that they transmit on in emergencies so you can tune your radio to their channel. If you don't know how to do that, ask them! They will be more than helpful to steer you in the right direction. Hams, once again, I would like you to chime in here as my knowledge is all marine related. On a side note, I am still researching the old BBS software so as to have another way to get info out in the event of net crashes

Nuke stuff

Since we have all these asshats out there testing there own nukes these days, here is a link that might just keep your butt alive if they have a hard on for California. Some good info here.

Go to http://www.ki4u.com/guide.htm

For now that's it,
Be safe, be free

Loco Gato


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