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Visit unfamiliar stores & try unfamiliar products


When was the last time you visited an unfamiliar food store in your town, neighboring town, or city?  I think you would be amazed at some of the great prices and products you may find.  For example, I went in to a small Indian, Persian, and Mexican stores and found great deals on food stuff.  I found canned cheese made by Kraft, canned butter, huge bags of beans, rice, canned powdered milk and canned flour.  These items can be found on the internet for much much more than you would spend if you purchased them locally.  If you pay cash, the government can't track what you are buying. 

Also, please take time to find an alternate location for some of your preps.  If you keep all your preps in one spot and you can't get to them or they are all destroyed; you will be out of luck.

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