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Communication Revisited

I hate to sound like a broken record( not really) but, to me, being able to communicate if/when the grid goes down is very important. Since we are in the land of earthquakes, how many of you have found that after a quake, the phone lines and cell service is just a recorded," All circuts are busy. Please try again" B.S. You want and need to find out if your family and friends are all right and the extent of the damage. Now let's pretend for a second,( and I pnly hope that it's all pretend, that due to the Mexican(swine)Flu, marshal law is declared and all inter=net traffic is shut down including e-mail. How will we be able to communicate with each other as to what the hell is going on? Answer, Ham/SSB! We in California should have a network setup to cover all those nasty sernios I mentioned above. Maybe there is but I have not been able to locate one using google, ask or any other search engine. Those of you out there that are Hams, speak out! Another way that we on the high seas keep in touch is with SailMail. Here is the link to it so you can check it out, http://www.sailmail.com/
It works world wide and is a great way for blog updates,e-mail and a host of other ways to stay in touch with the outside world. The other side benifit of being able to communicate state and world wide in the evnt of wild ass shit happeming is peace of mind. I is/will be bad enough just trying to hang on day to day but knowing that your loved ones are fine and knowing what else is happening outside of your little world, will make all the difference in moral and mental comfort.

So, once again, calling all Hams that want to help set up a California Ham Network!

Please respond!

It's been a long ass day and I am just way too burned out to proof or spellcheck this as I just blasted away on the keyboard. I hope you understand. Next post will pass the High School Engilsh teacher test!

Loco Gato

Be safe, Be free

American Prepper said...
August 22, 2009 at 6:59 PM  

Have you tried to establish a net with these guys yet? http://americanpreppersradionet.blogspot.com/

I know you're trying to set up a net in California, but if Bob, Dave, And WVSanta aren't too far out of range for you to contact them, or others that are in their net, they could sure use the help.

wvsanta said...
September 18, 2009 at 9:03 PM  

Please feel free to contact us on this topic. One thing we are trying hard to do is set up nets all over the country in an effort to establish the ability to rely info from one coast to the other via ham radio operators everywhere.The American Preppers Radio Net can be found at this web address www.taprn.com
Dave aka Santa

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