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109 here today so we just hung out and did housekeeping with the a/c on all day! We've been putting it off for a couple of weeks and with cats, dogs, lizards and who knows what else running around, it needed it bad! We have 12 outside doors and most of the time, they are all wide open to catch the afternoon breeze so everything just wanders in and out.

One of the big issues in bugging out of Cal, is just getting out as I mentioned yesterday. There are what,5 or 6 roads that you can take to cross the Sierras? Out of Bakersfield to 395, 120 through Yosemite, east out of Sonora, Hwy 4 from Angels Camp. 88 out of Jackson, 50, 80,and a scattering of back roads in north eastern Cal. Those up there I haven't been on but the others I have as I like to 4 wheel in the Sierra's.

Whereever you go just make sure you're not too late in leaving. If you find that it was a false alarm, just chalk it up to a nice weekend trip and a good practice run. amazing what you will find out out your prepping albility by making a dry run or two.

Any other ideas? Routes? Preps that you think are high or low on the list. Who all is going with will detrimin what you take.

Loco Gato
Se safe,Be free


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