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Statewide Communication

Since California is a varied state in terms of...well heck! EVERYTHING!, The main problem, as I see it, is good reliable communication. We will want to know the real stories in case of or rather, when, a post something happens. Pick your favorite disaster. We won't or shouldn't have to rely on the state run media outlets to get the information we need but we will want on the spot reports to plan for bugging out, how our friends and family are fairing in a certain local, government status on all levels, road conditions, weather and even e-mail and weather maps. The best way to accomplish this is via the ham networks. Now I am not a Ham operator but have used them on the high seas via SSB/Ham systems where we have Nets setup for daily or twice daily check ins. Generally operated by a SYSOP or Moderator to keep things in control so it's not a free for all and everyone is stepping all over each other. A land based system for preppers could do the same thing. That would provide at the very least a "support" group so you don't feel like you are the last one standing if your neck of the woods get hits hard. Also a great way to relay information if you have plans for leaving Farmersville and are heading up to Pine Grove. Or you need to check the road condition of the 15 or 58 if you plan to melt in the desert.

This is over at American Preppers Network,


They are doing the very thing I'm talking about. Read the partial post below and go there to read the whole enchilada.

What would be cool is some of you preppers out there who, are also Hams would be willing to help setup the California Preppers Ham Network. Just let your imagination run wild of a nano second or 10 and just think of the possibilities of having such a network in place. It could save your life or that of someone near and dear to you. I just checked out E-Bay and typed "ham radios" and was amazed as to how little you need to spend to have a simple setup, mobile or base. My SSB/Ham is on the boat but a mobile unit might be a good option for me. This post is not the time to delve into the greater details of this subject but do a little research yourselves and be amazed by what you find. More on this subject later.

Loco Gato

Be safe, Be free

The first Ham Radio Net of the American Preppers Network was conducted on the 20 Meter Band on 14.228 Mhz. at 9 PM EST. tonight.

With David W4DMH in West Virginia serving as Net Control, and myself, Bob KI4HEE his able assistant, a total of 10 ham operators checked into the net, eight of whom learned about the American Preppers Network and this Blog for the first time.

We wish to recognise the following stations as the first check-in's of the first net.

1. W4DMH David West Virgina
2. KI4HEE Bob South Carolina
3. W8BNL Tom Michigan
4. KE5SLV Phil Arkansas
5. N2SEQ Joe New York
6. KD8KFQ John West Virgina
7. N8TAH Kevin Ohio
8. K8DRP Daniel Michigan
9. W5RAW Ray Texas
10. W4VDW Dooley Tennessee

Mayberry said...
July 31, 2009 at 1:30 PM  

Great info Loco... Hey, would you email me at ccavanau at stx dot rr dot com? I got some questions for you regarding sailboats.... Thanks!

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