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Computer Meltdown

I am not anyway shape or form affiliated with Carbonite, the on-line back-up service, but they ROCK! I had a nasty little bug in the system, and after e-mailing all the virus gurus, I was told to back up and wipe the hard drive. Now that is something just a tad different that reformatting your drive. Reformatting just wipes the read file but all of your info is still there. Just ask your friendly local computer geek! There are many programs that can pull info off your drive even after re-formatting. But wiping is another story. I used a program from WebRoot's Window Washer to wipe mine and it took 23 hours! Granted, I had the setting turned way up for a maximum wipe but.....23 hours? That was last Sunday, and I have 90% of my crap re-loaded. After re-installing XP and setting partitions, it was time to re-load. Damn why can't they make a speed loaded like the one I have for my Dan Wesson!?! Anyway, Carbonite had all my e-mails. address book. tons of pictures, my favorites list and more. Plus all my Doc files, letters, the whole shebang! $55.00 a year well spent! Like Rush says," Not if it happens, but when it happen." Try it you'll like it!

I am providing you with a link to a paper I read and save a few years ago. It explains what we are currently going through in this country. It's long and I suggest that you print it out then read it. Or if you have a bottle of Jose by your side, read it on line. Also have a notebook nearby to check the resources and references. It's every enlightening.
Go here; http://www.sovereignty.net/p/gov/stevenyates-1.html
I have other articles but I think this is enough for now. The other ones I have in mind are a little more light hearted. Some I wrote, some I borrowed with permission.

More to follow.

Be safe, Be free

Loco Gato


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