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The reason I have not posted the past few days is this, http://survivalmonkey.com/Lights%20Out.htm and this one also, http://azarowny.tripod.com/Chapter1.html.

These were posted on Getting Started In Emergency Preparedness blog, http://gsiep.blogspot.com/.

They are two that he had listed that I read. Now bear in mind, these are fiction and are on-line stories and I am not a book critic! But... there are times during my reading that I went,"Oh shit! I forgot about that!". Or, "Now that's a cool idea!"So if you do decide to read them, just READ them! Don't tear them apart as to how stupid you may think they are or how unlikely it is that something happens the way it does, just remember these are STORIES! However, from a prepper's stand point, there are some words of wisdom in there and, frankly, they make a good read. I wasn't bored at all, hence the lack of post the past few days. Reading and laying some tile, pretty much kept my days filled. I want to post a least every other day but work may keep me from that. Anyway, he has a good site with a ton of info, mostly links, but well worth the visit.

Speaking of blogs, I'll try to post a few that I have been following that may be of interest to you newbies and vets alike. Some you may already be following and some you may not. If you have one that you think I should add, give me a shout!

It's 101 today and I have to go tend to the critters and garden! Good thing wifey came home with a 12 pack and cases of water!

Be safe, Be free!

Someone You Know said...
April 8, 2010 at 7:36 PM  

Loco Gato and Other California Preppers,

You make a good point about reading fictional stories. Hopefully, the story makes you think about a realistic weakness in your preps.

Thanks for the shout out and the link to the blog.

Good Luck

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