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New to posting

First things first. I want to thank American Preppers and California Preppers Network for allowing to post here. As this is my first attempt, it will be a tad short.
Thanks again!

Me, I'm a California native, mostly from SoCal and Avalon. Currently, for the past 20 years, I call the CenCalCoast my home. I was a private yacht captain for 20 years, sprinkled with periods of ski patrol in Sun Valley, real estate, Jeep sales and currently an Independent mobile tool distributor. Something like Snap-On or Mac but better selection and prices with the added plus of not have a corporate suit breathing down my neck.
I have been involved in prepping for most of my life, basically for those down times between boats, jobs and travelling. I ran a bbs years before the inter-net took off like a banshee and that is one of my concerns. I distrustful of these new "czars" in Washington,especially the one about dealing with inter-net security, 24 hour wait time for posting e-mails and the like. I don't have the links at my finger tips, but if you can't find them, let me and supply them for you. On boats, while we are out of the country, we get most of our info via radio, ssb/ham sets on board. E-mail, phone calls, weather packets and inter-net. I have been racking my brain on how to get important info in the case of a SHTF scenario. That way I was glad to see the post on American Preppers about a ham network. In case you haven't seen it I'll post it below.
That's all for now. This is kinda like standing before thousands of people to give a speech! Time to dry out my armpits and work on another post.
Till then,
Loco Gato


OK now I have done it in true DX fashion for all you HAM'S out there.I know others that read this will be real confused now but I would really like to hear from you HAM'S out there so I figured I would write in a language you would understand. We need to get HAM'S involved here so we can try to get a net going to help with off the grid communication among the prepper networks. I know there are many Ham's already involved in the prepper network and many more that read so please come forward and help us with getting this going. Now that all the people that read this (that are not HAM'S) are confused let me add one more slang that only the HAM'S will understand.73 de W4DMHPS Please email me so we can get to work on this. wvsantaclaus@aol.com_________________
God Bless all from the Wild and Wonderful West VirginiaSanta

From W4DMH Dave aka SantaTo everyone that has showed an interest in the HAM radio netJust to let everyone know Bob KI4HEE from South Carolina and myself Dave W4DMH held a test run Thursday night on 40 meters at 9:00 PM Eastern Time or 0100 UTC time.I am sorry that I did not get this info out but this all came about by email at the spur of the moment. It was a success even though I do not have the proper antenna in the air for 40 meter. I will cure that this weekend however. Bob will be posting the results on the South Carolina Page on Saturday June 20 2009. I invite you all to read that to see how the impromptu net turned out. For a spur of the moment thing, I think it was great. This little test run proved to me that if we try we can make this work.I will let you know when this all gets worked out for sure but for now I believe we will try this on Thursday Nights from 9 pm to 10 pm Eastern time or 0100 to 0200 UTC on the frequency of 7.245 or there about for any that wish to come join in or just to listen.Thank you all for your interest in the American Preppers Network Ham Radio Net. Hope to hear you soon.73 All
W4DMHDave aka SantaA
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American Prepper said...
June 22, 2009 at 5:36 PM  

Welcome Aboard!

Anonymous said...
June 22, 2009 at 7:24 PM  

Welcome Loco,
Ya get the port side bunk.

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