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The images that simple name brings to mind!

Since this is the California Pepper's Network, I'll try to post California related items and that list is enough to make you go screaming down the docks, untie the boat and follow the sun! Because the diverse, ( I hate that word!), geographical nature of our fair state, what ones priority in SoCal, maybe completely different than NorCal or the Central part of the state. Contrary to the state run media circus, we don't all prep for end-of-times, nuke blast, roving hordes of zombies and out of control politicians. Wait! Scratch that last one, we prep against politicians as they are all out of control! Where I am, prepping for earthquakes is a big deal. The past few days we have had a flurry of small quakes, 4.3 and lower, but it wakes up a tad. Making sure bug out bags are current, water stores are plenty, batteries, lights and all the rest to survive without power or running water for a few days. Contingency plans with she-who-must-be-obeyed as far as a rally point and hard line phone service. We lost all those thing a few years ago when Paso Robles got shook and cell service was the first to go, actually in about 30 seconds after the ground stopped doing it's imitation of ocean swells! Power was out at our place for 3 days but having back-up systems and a good supply of the above, life was pretty good all in all. The local radio station did a marathon to keep folks informed of power outages and took calls from their listeners. Having a battery operate radio is a must! Along with easy to prepare foods, head mounted lights, good books, a couple of bottles of some great local wine, and we were good to go!

With all the other great blogs out there, at this time I am not going to go into detail was to contents of BOB's, and the like. Maybe later on down the road that and other subjects will be posted. This post is a short follow up to yesterday's as I learn Googles dashboard and start making some notes for future attempts at writing.
If you are here for the first time, tell a friend! If you are new to prepping, let's us know in the comment section, then maybe an article on the basics could be in order. Questions and comments are always welcome!
Be safe, Be free!
Loco Gato


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