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Fires and Prepping PT II

Yesterday's post highlighted some recent history here in California in regards to wildland fires.

Hopefully, you are on your way to creating a local neighborhood network to defend against a potential wild fire and, depending on your location, a possible case of arson in a vacant dwelling.

Living in the West, especially in California, presents some unique challenges for the prepper. Grass fires are not uncommon and are notoriously unpredictable and fast moving.

Most of us are interested in self defense and that interest should extend to making your home a hardened target when it comes to fire.

There are many fine resources on the internet that provide information on doing this, so rather than rehashing all the work that has been done, I'm just going to point you to four sites that cover the issue. These sites should give you enough of an overview of how to defend your space without bogging you down in turgid dissertations.

National Agricultural Safety Database. This document explains fire ratings of materials, and flame spread ratings in a simple table format. It is primarily focused on new construction of agricultural buildings, but the tables are what are important. The other information is useful if you intend to build anything new or engage in significant remodeling.

Colorado State University has a fact sheet on creating defensible zones. The sheet covers how to plan on building your defensible area around your home in various staged areas. It covers such subjects as tree heights, and space requirements between trees and shrubs to mitigate the propagation of a fire.

New Mexico State University has a site that includes an annual checklist to assist in preparing for the fire season.

The California Native Plant Society has prepared a document to assist you in choosing native plants for landscaping that will reduce the risks associated with wildfires.


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